Yesterday afternoon, Poudre Fire Authority rescued a bear from a tree in a South Prospect neighborhood, and I mean that bear is pretty cute and all but it wasn't the only thing we were lookin' at. 

Jim Vallee/ThinkStock
Jim Vallee/ThinkStock

A small brown bear, which reportedly has been spotted throughout town in recent days, was retrieved from a pine tree near West Prospect and South Shields on Wednesday, September 6.

According to Poudre Fire Authority's Facebook, they were 'beary happy to help.' The Tower 1 PFA firefighters helped Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers temporarily tranquilize the bear so they could move him/her to a bear habitat.

Here's a photo of the rescue team holding the sleepy bear in a way many women (and men) only dream about.

Bear it all for us, fellas. ;) Anyway... 

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