...in a black bra. It's Britney, bitch gone 'Son of a Bitch,' and things are getting heated, here (in a good way).

Britney is always making a comeback. Her latest attempt is a somewhat cryptic three-video series posted on Instagram, in which she does nothing but wear nearly nothing and dance around in slow-mo to Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats' 'Son of a Bitch' while she flips her hair around and stuff like she's a slave 4 U.

@britneyspears via Instagram


So, Nathaniel Rateliff did just about the best thing possible. This black and white battle of the bitches:


reposting @britneyspears thanks for making the sexy video of our song #SOB ❤️-ON.


A video posted by Nathaniel Rateliff (@nathanielrateliff) on

Via Nathaniel Rateliff on Instagram.

He left us saying 'gimme gimme more.'


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