Wyoming Highway Patrol-Facebook Page
Wyoming Highway Patrol-Facebook Page

The story has been out there a while. The solar eclipse on Monday is expecting to draw hundreds of thousands of people to Wyoming where the eclipse is expected to be at or near 100%. The Colorado Department of Transportation has released warnings about the high level of traffic heading to Wyoming and Nebraska and included safety tips in dealing with both the eclipse and traffic.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol is preparing as best they can. No doubt, there is a level of anxiety leading up to the big day and the possible headaches associated with it. But, despite the pressures that come with the eclipse, The WHP had some fun this week and released on their Facebook page an "updated eclipse" map that conveniently misses the state of Wyoming. Look at that extreme drop as it heads to the "Cowboy State"!

To be clear, as much as the WHP would love to see the eclipse path change before Monday, it isn't going to happen. The path is what it is and it WILL cross Wyoming.

Please drive careful if you're heading that way. Should you decide to stay here, we're going to get about a 98% eclipse. That will be good enough for this Colorado boy.

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