Congratulations to Escher Lefkoff, winning at the Professional & Amateur Pinball Association World Championship!  Yes, such a thing exists.  It has to, for guys like Escher, who has played pinball since he was two!  Opportunity has been kind to him that way, since he had a barn practically full of pinball machines as a kid.  So now he has one proud dad - and one heavy trophy!

Pinball Machine Convention Held In Miami Area
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I was an arcade addict in the day.  Something about video games all being in the home took away the excitement for me.  I also noticed - seriously - that people stopped wanting to hang out and go do things during the big invasion of Sega and Nintendo.  That said, I own a retro Sega and an old Play Station.  I use them a total of maybe five times a year.  My daughters like them a bit more than that.

Something else that didn't help was getting destroyed by my nephew who was three, at some game, at home.  The younger you are, the faster and better you tend to pick up these games!

Some favorite games of mine (besides pinball):  Pole Position - Super Mario - Road Rash - Doom - Outrun - and sometimes Grand Theft Auto.

It's impressive that a 13-year-old kid loves to play actual pinball - not the kind that's on your phone or computer - but that he actually takes it this far, too!

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