Ever try out the underground arcade in Old Town Square?  It's impressive to me that anyone would attempt to run video gaming as a business the old fashioned way, which is coins at a time.  That has to be a really hard business to keep going, and that's nothing new.

Even growing up (which has been a couple days ago) 7-Elevens used to have three video games, and that was how they did it.  And they got me. I'd have my Reeses and a Super Big Gulp, if I had enough allowance money left.  And if allowed, I would spend hours in that tiny room.

Well now, according to the Coloradoan, two new arcade bars will be opening up soon.  Pinball Jones will be expanding to a second location at 1228 Elizabeth in Fort Collins.  And, Kevin Kelm has been an adoring customer at Jones's for so long that he's decided to open up one of these with his partner at the Loveland Opera House.

So, yet another activity to enjoy along with a tasty micro!

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