The president for Colorado State University is stepping down.  Dr. Tony Frank announced in an all-campus memo that he plans to step aside in 2019.

He has also has served in a dual role as chancellor of the CSU System since 2015 and will transition to a full-time role as chancellor of the three-campus system in July. The University’s governing board will launch a national search for a new university president.

Her is a portion of the statement from Dr. Frank:

It’s now time for the next step in our university’s trajectory – and that will require the articulation of a new vision for Colorado State. We’ve been preparing for this through various activities such as Re-Envision Colorado State and our strategic planning efforts, and as we prepare to embark on our second 150 years in 2020, it’s time to bring that vision into focus. I believe the person leading those discussions and serving to articulate and lead the implementation of that vision should be someone who will be here to see us through that next decade.  In short, it is time for us to find the next president for Colorado State University. I will be concluding my tenure as president July 1, 2019.

Dr. Frank will still be a part of the CSU system:

The Board of Governors and I have been discussing this, and they have requested that I stay on and transition into a full-time role as the Chancellor of the CSU System, a position I have held in addition to my responsibilities as president since 2015. In that full-time role, I hope to continue the work we’ve begun at the System-level in the last few years – integrating operations and leveraging opportunities across our System campuses, interacting with government at the state and federal levels on behalf of our students and faculties, and supporting the presidents of our campuses as they lead these wonderful CSU institutions. We’ve got some important work to do on large scale projects such as bringing the new National Western Center online and strengthening efficiencies and collaboration across our System in alignment with the Board’s strategic vision.

Dr. Frank said it was not an easy decision:

This has not been an easy decision for me personally, given that what I have always loved best about my job is the chance to interact with faculty and students as part of a community of innovative, principled, energetic people doing and discovering things that simply make our world a better place. I’ll still get to do that, but from a different vantage point. And this is the right move at this time for our campus and our System. Our campus deserves a full-time president who is deeply engaged in the life and future of this institution.  All three of our CSU System campuses are on a great, positive trajectory, and the Board wants to ensure there is the support at the System level to continue to build on that momentum. I’m grateful to be in a position to continue, I hope, to add some value and move our System forward in ways that will truly benefit the people and future of Colorado and, ultimately, make it a stronger partner for our System campuses.





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