While Colorado is noted for its beautiful landscapes, it has become clear in recent weeks that major precautions are necessary when traveling through Colorado’s many mountains, lakes, and rivers.

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According to The Denver Post, drownings have been happening at an alarming rate to start the year. There have already been twelve deaths in lakes and rivers this year, which officials say is a truly troubling amount.

On the other hand, Colorado’s many mountains and peaks need to be tread cautiously as well.

In May, a hiker named Lucas Macaj of Colorado Springs sadly lost his life after taking a significant fall after summiting Longs Peak, one of Colorado's most dangerous 14ers.

While Longs Peak and every other 14er in Colorado should be treated with respect, there is one in particular that many say is the most dangerous in the state.

Little Bear Peak is Considered to Be Colorado's Most Dangerous 14er

YouTube // The Virtual Sherpa
YouTube // The Virtual Sherpa

Little Bear Peak is located in the Sangre de Cristo Range in the southern portion of the Front Range.

It stands at an elevation of 14,037 feet, which makes it the 61st tallest mountain in Colorado.

For brave souls who look to climb Little Bear Peak, September seems to be the preferred time of year to do so.

What Makes Little Bear Peak in Colorado so Difficult?

YouTube // The Virtual Sherpa
YouTube // The Virtual Sherpa

Little Bear Peak is an intense class four route that is a six part excursion that takes immense skill to pull off.

While the first part of the trek is relatively simple, it gets progressively more difficult as you make your way up.

In the middle, there's a hard class two to three area that has plenty of loose rocks that is both challenging and hazardous.

However, at the very end lies not only the most difficult part of the hike, but quite possibly the most dangerous part of any trail in Colorado; Little Bear Peak’s ‘Hourglass’.

Why is Little Bear Peak’s ‘Hourglass’ so Dangerous?

YouTube // The Virtual Sherpa
YouTube // The Virtual Sherpa

For most of the journey up Little Bear Peak, there certainly is some difficulty, like a gully that has loose rocks on it.

It’s nothing like the ‘Hourglass’, though.

This feature is somehow the easiest way to summit Little Bear Peak, and it is absolutely insane.

It is essentially a vertical climb, which in theory, is not something an experienced climber cannot manage.

However, what makes it so dangerous is the major risk of falling rocks.

Not only can this make getting good holds extremely difficult, but also increases the likelihood of getting struck while at extremely high altitudes.

You have to do all of this while using preplaced ropes that, according to The Virtual Sherpa, are incredibly janky.

If you’ve ever considered tackling this, don’t even bother unless you are an expert climber.

Even if you’re a seasoned veteran, this one will be a massive test for you.

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