Ever since reintroduction, Colorado’s new gray wolves have been on top of everyone’s minds.

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In April, there were two wolf attacks within just a week of each other. The first report happened in Grand County, and the second took place in Jackson County. 

Both of these targeted livestock.

Then, the first wolf den was discovered even more recently. 

With the sighting of a wolf den comes the possibility of a newly born wolf pup. As it would happen, new reports show this is exactly the case.

Wolf Pup Found After Colorado Reintroduction


In Grand County, the same place where the first attack took place, a wolf pup was spotted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

While they noted that they have only spotted the one pup, it is likely that there could be more as well.

With the pup’s birth comes the christening of a new pack, which Colorado Parks and Wildlife have dubbed the “Copper Creek Pack”.

While they were spotted in Grand County, the Copper Creek Pack’s whereabouts are being kept a secret for their safety.

However, the patriarch of the pack is hypothesized to be one of the wolves who attacked cattle back in April.

When Will the Colorado Wolf Pup Mature?


Wolf pups typically are born in April in a den, so this pup has likely been alive for about 10-14 weeks.

According to the International Wolf Center, that places it in its juvenile period, where they weigh around 22-30 pounds, go on short hunting trips with their parents, and leave the den.

After 14-16 months, wolf pups will undergrow rapid growth and gain up to 1.3 pounds per week. Once they hit 27 weeks old, the process slows.

Finally, they reach sexual maturity after just a year to three years. By this time, they will weight 60-100 pounds.

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