If you’re in Colorado, you’re definitely going to run into some creepy crawly insects and arachnids.

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Some of them are completely harmless, like crane flies. While they look like mosquitos, they actually cannot bite and are a net positive for Colorado’s ecosystem.

However, some of them can pose a major threat to humans.

Take mosquitos for example. They are known to cause West Nile virus, which can be deadly and disproportionately affects Coloradans.

There’s also spiders that can leave a gnarly bite as well. In fact, there’s multiple dangerous spiders in Colorado

With all of this being said, what is one of Colorado’s largest spiders, and does it pose a threat to humans? 

The Giant Wolf Spider is One of Colorado’s Largest Spiders


The giant wolf spider is generally considered to be one of Colorado’s largest spiders. It typically measures in at about an inch long, but has 3 inch legs that make the spider even bigger.

They are unlike other spiders in that instead of casting a web to trap their prey, they are large enough to hunt and chase them down instead.

They’re also able to do this because they are such fast runners, and look for arthropods that live on the ground. 

While they mostly are out at night, you can also find them roaming around during the day. You’ll find them alone, since they are solitary hunters.

Are Wolf Spiders in Colorado Dangerous?


While they certainly have a scary and unsettling appearance, giant wolf spiders actually are relatively harmless. 

As long as you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.

However, they do have venom, but it is relatively mild in humans. Sure, a bite will be a bit painful, but it is by no means dangerous to your overall health.

When Do Giant Wolf Spiders Hatch in Colorado?


If you’re afraid of these things, I’ve got some bad news for you; there’s only going to be more.

You’ve got a little more time since they typically hatch in mid-summer, but that’s only two months from now.

Here’s something that’s even more freaky; they carry their hatched spiders on their backs.

You need to remember something when you see a female wolf spider that has an egg sac. Do not, and I mean do not squish it. It will release hundreds of tiny, baby spiders.

I don’t care how much you hate spiders, I have accidentally done this before and it is a literal nightmare. 

What are your thoughts on wolf spiders? Are you not really scared by them, or are you absolutely petrified by their existence?

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