Whenever I know someone who just moved here from the midwest, I always wonder how long it'll take them to get it, if they don't already:  Colorado ain't for the faint of heart.  You have to really want to live here, or it's probably just not going to work.  While it's not L.A. or New England, indeed it can be extremely challenging.

However, when I look at Kiplinger's list of the least expensive cities to live in...

1.  McAllen, Texas

2.  Conway, Arkansas

3.  Harlingen, Texas

4.  Kalamazoo, Michigan

5.  Wichita Falls, Texas.

6.  Knoxville, Tennessee

7.  Memphis

8.  Jonesboro, Arkansas

9.  Oklahoma City

10.  Brownsville, Texas

...I'm reminded that I'd rather deal with that and be able to go out my door and do 'anything' I want to do and feel great when I wake up and look out my window, because I'm still home.  After surviving a 500-mile-a-week commute when gas was over $5/gallon while making low $20k's, finally moving to a couple other places to advance my career at the time, coming back, and picking up where I left off... years later there isn't much that could get this guy to leave.  I understand not everyone feels that way, though, so there are some extreme options for ya!

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