I get made fun of all the time for drinking Keystone Light.  Laugh if you want, though.  It's cheap, low-calorie, and it actually tastes decent!

Admittedly, it also makes me really appreciate grabbing a craft brew come Saturday.

A brewery in California is suing MillerCoors (which is based out of Denver,) because it has started referring to its Keystone product as just Stone.  The plaintiff is Stone Brewing Company.

There's apparently not much to the lawsuit, other than Stone Brewing claims marketing Keystone as Stone is "confusing."  I would think they would point out the obvious tug of war over the name Stone!  In response, MillerCoors fired back an 82-page rebuttal which basically says the lawsuit isn't based in fact, nor does it make a valid case why Keystone can't be called Stone.

I really hope MillerCoors wins.  I've gotten used to my 30-rock being around $16!

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