We're lovin' on The Lumineers' song on 94.3 The X, but the lyrics are a bit of a mystery. Watch the band explain the story of 'Cleopatra' below. 

LumineersVEVO via YouTube.com
LumineersVEVO via YouTube.com

'I was Cleopatra, I was young and an actress...' Ever since I first heard The Lumineers' 'Cleopatra,' (now #1 on alternative radio) I wondered why it was sung from a female's perspective.

The song is, as the band explains in a video shared on their Facebook page, written from the perspective of a character, inspired by an actual woman who is a taxi driver (as portrayed in the band's video for the song).

Check out the story of 'Cleopatra'

The Lumineers announced this week that they will be playing their home state of Colorado at Fiddler's Green on August 25 as a part of the Cleopatra World Tour. Tune into me (Shelby) every afternoon for your chance to win tickets to the show.

The Lumineers -- 'Cleopatra'

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