The twisted stuff our state is into doesn't stop at Frozen Dead Guy Days. You can also coffin race in Manitou Springs because tuberculosis is funny, guys!


File under: Today I Learned... In the spirit of Frozen Dead Guy Days coming up this weekend in Nederland, here's another borderline-morbid occasion our state celebrates annually: the life -- and death -- of Emma Crawford.

Here's the long-story short, as told by those who put on the Emma Crawford Festival: She died of tuberculosis in Manitou Springs, and now a bunch of people push coffins with fake Emmas inside up a hill every year. (If you want the long story, you can also read it on Atlas Obscura.)

That would actually be a great workout for us living people. There are prizes and probably some drinking involved. #OnlyInColorado

This year's coffin-racing event is coming up in October, but like I said, if you need to celebrate the dead much sooner than that, here's all the info you need for Frozen Dead Guy this weekend.

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