Every year in March, frostifarians from across the country flock to the tiny mountain town of Nederland, Colorado to be a part of the legendary Frozen Dead Guy Days – a quirky, three-day festival featuring live music from over twenty different bands, heated tents with local beer and food and tons of free-to-watch events. The frost-themed fest pays homage to the Frozen Dead Guy himself, Grandpa Bredo Morstøl, whose body was preserved by his grandson after his 1989 death, and now hangs suspended over dry ice in a garden shed, high in the hills above the town. Long story, read it here. So, how exactly does Nederland keep the spirit of everyone's favorite frozen dead guy alive?

The festivities kick off at 4 p.m. on Friday, March 10, with a night of frozen pageantry to follow. Put on your snazziest snow attire and make your way down the blue carpet into the Blue Ball. Then celebrate with spirited drinks, live music, the crowning of the Ice Queen, a Grandpa Bredo look-alike contest, and a silent disco. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online or at the door.

Nederland becomes alive again on Saturday and at noon, First Street will fill with spectators, as the Parade of Hearses and coffin races proceed through the heart of town. After that, those who are brave enough to walk the Blue Pearl plank can take the Polar Plunge into the icy waters below ($20).

There's more wintry fun to be had on Sunday, as festival goers can take part in cold-themed competitions, such as Snowy Human Foosball and a Frozen Salmon Toss. Also, be sure to check out the ice carving station, where artists will be creating intricate sculptures out of giant blocks of ice. In addition to everything mentioned above, on Saturday and Sunday, there will be Brain Freeze contests, Ice Turkey Bowling, frozen t-shirt contests, The Newly Dead Game, a pancake breakfast, poetry slams courtesy of the Frozen Dead Poets Society, and showings of a documentary about the one and only, Grandpa Bredo too.  As a rotation of local bands take the stage during the weekend, chow down on crispy bacon and get refreshed with craft beer and bourbon samples being served up at the The Bacon, Bourbon and Brews Tent. It is $10 to get into this tent. Don't forget to stop by Grandpa's Gift Shop where you can pick up a souvenir to remember your unique experience.

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