We had three new neighbors move onto our street over the past several weeks - and with a reasonably healthy garden, and a wife who should be rich from her baking skills - we packaged one of her zucchini breads up for each newbie, with our contact info, and delivered them in person.  We love the family atmosphere on our street.

Here's a lady who's a little too comfortable with her neighbors, though.  About once a week, she runs into this family's front yard, takes a dump, and leaves.  When she's confronted about it, she simply apologizes and leaves.  Sometimes, she does this right in front of the children who live at the home.  The first time, they ran inside, crying, and their mother barely believed them - until she went outside and saw it with her own eyes.

From the pictures the family has taken of the woman, she looks totally normal.  She's in good shape, and wearing a nice Spandex running outfit, but apparently doesn't like using toilets.  The homeowners say there are gas station and park toilets available all around the house.  She even brings along napkins or paper towels to wipe, so it seems to be premeditated.

That makes the cops think it's possibly "revenge pooping," although as far as we can tell, the woman doesn't know anyone in the family.  (Um... let's hope that includes Dad!)  It's also possible that she's the same woman who has pooped outside of a Walgreens and on other people's yards.

Now the cops have turned to the public for help tracking her down.  She'll be facing indecent exposure and public defecation charges.  I would think, as a desperate measure, they could run a DNA test, and track down this person who is now dubbed "The Mad Pooper."

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