WHEN.  WHEN??  Will people collectively figure out that you DON'T screw with a cop???!!!  Right or wrong, man, the officer is going to win EVERY TIME.  I figured that out on my own in junior high watching Rescue 911!  What is wrong with people??

In this case, A cop near Denver pulled up behind an SUV that was stopped on the side of the road last Saturday.  Then the 25-year-old driver got out with an ASSAULT rifle, and tried to hit him with the butt end of it.  ALWAYS a fine idea.

The cop ended up shooting him in the arm.  Here's his chest-cam footage.  It's pretty intense.

Think of all the ways you can possibly spend your day.  Where does this land on your list?  I'm going to assume the best, and say it doesn't.

Let's all get along, friend.  This world needs us to show some genuine humanity.



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