Because Breeze Thru Car Wash's current, solo location in Fort Collins is nowhere close to where I live, nor is Firehouse Wash (my pref, even though they put that senseless, annoying bag over my rear wiper,) I was resorting to a closer car wash; but, I got tired of the auto wash always being broken and the manual one being out of soap.  I know:  First-world problems - but still a waste of time and money.  So, these days, Firehouse is worth the drive.

If you can relate to any of that, you'll be glad to know that Breeze-Thru Car Wash has purchased Richie's Car Wash, which has forever been on College Avenue just south of Swallow.  It will open in early December and offer free car washes for two weeks to remind us all to give the new Breeze-Thru location a try.

The second Breeze-Thru will also offer the company's signature free vacuum service.  THAT's what keeps me coming back to B.T. and Firehouse.  I don't care for dragging my home vacuum out to the driveway, and I don't own a Shop Vac.

A 700,000 re-branding project will precede the changeover.

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