Miramont Fitness has sold its three Fort Collins locations, and Reve Fitness at Jessup Farm, to a larger organization.  Miramont has been in operation for 40 years.  Genesis Health Clubs, who owns 44 gyms, mainly in the Midwest, will take ownership of the operations.

Not much more information is available yet, but I'm curious your opinion of Miramont.  For years, I was a gym hopper, because to me, gyms are like church:  Great fundamental idea... Man routinely screws it up beyond all recognition.  Before I set up my workout at home, Miramont Central (in the King Soopers plaza on College, north of Drake) was the best gym I'd been to out of probably a dozen or more.  Great layout, people do their own thing, and even the music is usually okay.  Here's to hoping they keep up the good work with Genesis!


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