Saturday was a date afternoon before it was time to dye Easter eggs, and after we rode bikes to shop a little, we tried out the Gilded Goat.  It's just to the east of Trader Joe's.

Quick takeaways:

  • Larger than I expected
  • Really good beer - I had the Lightfoot (coffee pale ale,) then the Frumpy Moomoo breakfast stout.
  • The atmosphere had a lot to offer.  The help was super friendly, and they were playing Sylvan Esso (electro pop type stuff) most of the time we were there, which is a plus for me.  It's also fun there's a big screen that rotates bios of each person on their team.
  • Lots of tastefully-placed goats, although no real ones that I saw.
  • Crossing College on your bike has become easier and more fun, thanks to the new underpass just south of Swallow Street, and the one south of Horsetooth that takes up by Target.

After that, we stopped at a couple places in the mall since we were right there.  At the Hop Brigade is where I had my second kind of Gilded Goat beer.  Then we had to try out Bar Louie's, which is a bit pricey, but overall not a bad experience.  Then, we dodged the snow on the way home, which is just shy of the foothills.  Perfect timing!

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