More people will protest today to rally against President Trump's immigration policies and actions.  I'm not here to get political, but rather let you know, in case you'd like to join the cause, or if you just want to take an alternate route while driving in order to arrive to your destination on time.

Thanks to The Coloradoan for pointing out that this will happen today outside Senator Cory Gardner's office at 2001 South Shields Street, which is between Drake and Prospect Roads (closer to Stuart.  There's a little bar there called Sliders that I love.  But what the hell does that have to do with anything.)  It's planned from Noon to 12:45, so people can get involved during their lunch breaks.

We're also told another march is set for February 11th in the same location, but this one will have to do with Planned Parenthood defunding.

Let's face it:  People will never agree on these big issues, and probably never have.  Stand up for what you believe in, but more importantly, please remember to act out of love for one another.  That is how we can be united, friend.

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