CONTENT WARNING: The following content contains strong language and violence.

A Fort Collins rally for police support turned ugly on Saturday when two groups of counter-protesters showed to Timberline Road at FCPS headquarters.

Video captured a fight breaking out between the demonstrators and counter-protesters.

Fort Collins Police say both sides "had active aggressors." Officers are reviewing video of the incident and the investigation is on going.

Fort Collins Police said they have charged four people so far:

  • A 42-year-old person was cited for Criminal Tampering (class 2 misdemeanor).
  • A 25-year-old person was arrested for Disorderly Conduct (class 3 misdemeanor) and Resisting Arrest (class 2 misdemeanor).
  • A 42-year-old person was arrested for Disorderly Conduct (class 3 misdemeanor).
  • A 37-year-old person was arrested for Disorderly Conduct (class 3 misdemeanor) and Possession of an Illegal Weapon (class 1 misdemeanor).

“We respect everyone's right to peacefully assemble. Our officers have consistently supported these rights in recent months as people have gathered to make their voices heard. For the safety of our community, acts of violence and other unlawful behavior have not and will not be tolerated from anyone,” said Fort Collins Police Chief Jeff Swoboda in a press release.

“Truly supporting a cause means representing its values. Committing crimes in our community is not a way to support police. We stand for safety, period. We want all of our community members to feel safe here in Fort Collins and we reject any form of hate.”


Video posted online appears to show things getting out of hand. High School student Ciara Wilson has posted numerous videos to her Instagram page of men brawling in a ditch and even the conclusion with police making arrests.



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