Closely following the news of Cheryl Preheim's departure from 9NEWS, another anchor has announced she'll be leaving the station.

Adele Arakawa shed light on retirement rumors and put any "fake" news about the matter to rest in a letter to viewers on 9NEWS' website, revealing that she is indeed retiring from her 40+ year career in the business.

"This morning, an internet TV gossip writer chose to publish a story that suggests: I'm being forced out - of my position here at 9NEWS," she wrote. "Here is the truth: I am leaving. Of my own volition, and contrary to the fake news, I'm not being given a golden parachute. I wish. That's a joke."

Arakawa says she wanted to wait to announce her retirement for 2 reasons: to allow viewers to give colleague and friend Cheryl Preheim the "attention and accolades" she deserves for her time at 9NEWS and contribution to the Colorado community, and for the fact that she will not be retiring  for another 6 months.

"The lesson: Beware of Fake News," she said in her announcement letter. "It's even redistributed and propagated by normally reliable news sources. Yes, be informed, but make sure that the *truth you seek - is truly that."

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