This reminds me of a situation I saw on my way to the station this week:  Have you seen the train crossing at the bottom of the hill on Trilby, where someone completely mowed down the crossing arm & that entire mechanism?  It was folded over.  Smashed.  Horizontal.  How the hell does that happen??

Anyway, what I came here to tell you:  A commuter train hit a FedEx truck near Salt Lake City last weekend and ripped it in half.  Luckily the truck driver wasn't hurt, and all 82 people on the train are okay.
(Credit The Salt Lake Tribune via YouTube)

They're still trying to figure out why the crossing gates didn't go down.  There was a lot of snow and ice, so it looks like that had something to do with it.  My motto, especially when driving, is "Always watch out for the other guy!"  (I have both forgotten that, and been the "other guy."  So now that's how I roll.)

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