The railroad industry played a large part in shaping Colorado's history throughout the years and continues to impact residents' lives today. Whether you're stuck waiting for a train to pass in downtown Fort Collins, or enjoying a scenic excursion as a passenger on a ride through the Royal Gorge, each track in the Centennial State has a unique story to it.

If your loco for locomotives, there are still a handful of historic railroad sites that remain intact throughout Colorado. While you can't go inside all of these places, they offer a good glimpse back into the golden age of railroad travel just from viewing from afar.

Historic Railroad Sites in Colorado

These former railroad structures are still standing in various parts of Colorado.

If you're feeling adventurous, there are even more railroad-related properties around the state that are worth checking out.

5 Hikes that are Perfect for Colorado History Buffs

These five hikes are perfect for anyone interested in Colorado history. Although they are all different, the trails all lead to a piece of the Centennial State's past.

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