A Train Ripped A Truck In Half [Video]
This reminds me of a situation I saw on my way to the station this week:  Have you seen the train crossing at the bottom of the hill on Trilby, where someone completely mowed down the crossing arm & that entire mechanism?  It was folded over.  ...
restaurant review: waffle lab
Did you know that the new sit down location of the Waffle Lab is now open on West Olive in Fort Collins? Most people were not aware of this, so we tried it first and have to let everyone know if it was a hit or miss!
Top 5 Ugliest Modern Cars
Last week I wrote about how I think pickup trucks have the rudest drivers. It wasn't because I think pickup trucks are ugly, but for other reasons. It got me thinking, though - what are the ugliest cars on the market right now? There are plenty of cars I see where I find myself thinking, wow, that's an ugly-a** car...