You know how traffic at 8:30 in the morning always goes just a little too smoothly, right?  Well, a certain hot air balloon was sure to fix that yesterday!

[End of sarcasm (for now, anyway)]

What a perfect way to start a morning for the riders, with the amazing, 60-ish weather we've been waking up to.  But now, also with a unique story for life that will undoubtedly get the response, "What??  Nawww," again and again.

The owner of Life Cycle Balloon Adventure, who is out of Longmont, says the wind took the balloon and its seven passengers off course, forcing them to land in the middle of the street on Santa Fe Drive near Billings Lane.

Thankfully, it was only there for 15 minutes.  So, for those of us in Fort Collins, it would've been like waiting for a really pretty, wrinkly train.

Here, check out the pictures!

Everyone was perfectly okay afterwards.

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