I'm heading up there this weekend, because it's been too long since I've done Arapaho Basin.  But this time, unlike others this season, we're kickin' our feet up in a cozy room in Silverthorne and heading back midday the next day.  Because NO THANKS to that traffic.  By the way, please don't rob my house while I'm gone.

What is your worst I-70 experience?  Mine, after over a decade of using it to go snowboarding, was my first trip up this season!  Going to Keystone.  There were wrecks on Highway 6 going and coming back, both resulting in a good hour + on a 9-mile stretch, as well as multiple accidents heading back on I-70.  It was past midnight when we got home!  What can ya say.  Skiing isn't a sport for the faint of heart.

This band is out of Golden, and seems to tell is like it is.  Agree?

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