This is just one of many events being put on by Starlite Classic Campground!  If you haven't heard of this place, it's run by a couple who refurbishes old campers and rents them out for you to stay in!  We stayed in a Windstream from 1950, complete with the orange shag carpet.  If staying in an old camper seems a little too weird or expensive (about the price of a Super 8 for a night,) you can rent a cabin there or set up your own tent.  This place hosts outdoor movies, too, and is within eyesight of the Royal Gorge.  At night you can literally see the lights on the entrance to the highest bridge in the world while sitting in your lawn chair at your campsite!

While I find most Volkswagens totally cute and sometimes sexy, I probably lean a little too much toward 60s & 70s muscle cars to go out of my way for some VWs... but the world would be a less happy place without them, so I love whenever I see one on the road.

Besides, there's always that old "Slug Bug" game.

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