A new crop just popped up in the Weld County farm town of Milliken. A three-story marijuana dispensary, Nature's of Milliken, built on a vacant lot across from Centennial Park, opens this weekend

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A building (with more square footage than Milliken has residents) full of pot isn't something you really see in rural Weld... but, it is now. According to an article from Westword, Nature's Herbs and Wellness' new Milliken location will be more of a 'destination' that just a shop.

The Greeley Tribune first reported that Colorado dispensary chain Nature's Herbs and Wellness was eyeing a Milliken production facility back in 2017. Now, Nature's Milliken will open at 3220 Center Drive in Milliken on Saturday, January 23.

There isn't a lot of information available, but you can learn more about the owners, and what's in store, from Westword, and see the inside (below).

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