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New Developments in the Watts Murder Case
There is now new developments in the murder investigation of Shanann Watts and her two daughters. According to the Coloradoan, Chris Watts is stating that Shanann strangled their two children before he became enraged and strangled her.
The article states that Chris was having an affair with a fellow …
Truck Driver Fell Asleep in Weld County School Bus Accident
An accident involving a school bus yesterday in Weld County was caused by a driver of a truck falling asleep at the wheel. The accident occurred near the area of Weld County road 49 and Weld County Road 22 near Hudson.
The bus was transporting 40 people back home from Elitch Gardens in Denver when th…
School Bus Crash in Weld County Injures 38
A Weld County District 6 school bus was in a rollover crash this afternoon in Weld County near Hudson. According to 9 News, 38 people are injured.
The accident occured near Weld County road 49 and Weld County Road 24 3/4. According to the article, there were 29 students, 4 chaperones, a child of a ch…

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