Even though Colorado has become one of the most talked-about states in the past several years, I'm surprised how much I still hear about L.A., New York, Florida, Texas, and numerous other places that are awesome, yet I'd rather be here, and in fact I AM, so like, what about us?

If you can identify with the above even just a little bit, you're sure to appreciate these songs and videos that mention Colorado.  Enjoy!

1) Obvious, right?

2)  Thee best clarinetist to have ever lived!  I could listen to this guy for hours.

3)  Kind of a fun video, and reminds me of old-school rap, although this is 2006.

4)  How about these foot stompers out of Denver?

5)  Speaking of locals... And the song sounds as creepy as the town.

6)  It was Tour de Fat that gave this Denver band its start touring.

7)  From one of the "hippiest" towns in our state, Nederland.

8)  Ya either love Johnny Cash or you're wrong!  (And I'm not even into Country!)

9)  One Bob...

10)  Deserves another?

11)  If he's spending the afterlife here, I take it he's not bored.

12)  A lot more fun than Commerce City... usually, anyway.

13)  If you've never listened to the 'Dead while driving through the mountains, you need to do yourself this favor!!!

14)  Man!  This is such a heart warmer for me every year.

15)  Obligatory.  Obvious.  Cliche.  But still so, so moving.

16)  This song was nice 40 years ago, the first 6,437,214 times I heard it.  But here it is.

17)  The Colorado Springs group payin' some respect.

18)  Among other places, this was inspired by Pike's Peak, while its writer Katherine Bates went to college in Colorado Springs, which is why the Springs has America the Beautiful Park (even though it's right next to a giant power plant.)

19)  One more reason to love Blue October.

20)  These guys have been making our music scene look good for a little while, and I hope they don't stop anytime soon!


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