Just east of FoCo, NoCo was an all-out snow blow mess (and we all got in on camera). March 13, 2019 will be a day we remember as the day the #bombcyclone hit Colorado, and boy, did it. 

Coloradans all across the Front Range and the Eastern Plains shared video on Twitter yesterday (which we were all on thanks to #facebookdown and #instagramblackout2019) of post-apocalyptic interstates, falling trees and more. Tuesday night, I circled the block in my neighborhood trying to find any place I could park my Galaxie away from large trees, and you'll see why I'm glad I did.

Oh, and if you make it to the bottom, you'll be rewarded with a cute dog video. Let the vids begin.


Scruggs and I had a pretty hard time getting from our studios in Windsor to our homes in Fort Collins (and kudos to Scruggs, she was driving)... and that video was taken before we got stuck in a snow drift at HWY 114 and HWY 257, and got shoveled out by some good Samaritans. We weren't the only ones who were caught out in the storm yesterday.


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