Sometimes the week flies by and suddenly it's the weekend, and you haven't had a chance to plan for anything in particular!  Weeks like that are great for running away - but not far away - to a place with atmosphere and invigoration, but that doesn't demand much of you at all.  Here are two ways you can do that this Saturday (June 30th.)

Lyons Good Ol' Days Fest

  • 5k river run
  • Dog dash
  • Pancake breakfast
  • Car show
  • Kids' games
  • Beer garden
  • Live music

Hours are 8am to 10:30pm.  Just show up in little Lyons, and you're sure to see it happening in the streets, the river, and all around you!  Here's more on that.

Longmont Loco Music Fest

A day celebrating musicians out of Longmont, and the people who are loco for them.  It runs, and the beer flows, from 1-9pm, at Bootstrap Brewing, 124 Pratt St.

19 bands!  Learn about them here.

5th Annual Battle For The Bones
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