Colorado is going to have $11.6 million in federal aid rolling into the state very soon.

Just one day after the Polis Administration sent in a formal letter requesting federal aid for help in repairing the I-70 closure through Glenwood Canyon, the Federal Highway Administration approved the expedited assistance.

In the letter, Polis requested a total of $116 million be sent to the state of Colorado. He also asked that 10% of that come through sooner to jump start the process. The Federal Highway Administration has a quick-release process that allowed this to be possible.

Governor Polis expressed his gratitude in regards to the urgency of the aid, saying:

We are thrilled to have such close coordination with our federal partners to ensure federal resources are quickly on their way to Colorado [...] having the same level of support from federal partners at the Federal Highway Administration ensures we can keep working at a rapid pace to restore this economic and recreation highway.

There still has not been a formal statement on when the canyon is set to reopen. The Polis Administration and the state of Colorado are still looking at anything from a few days to a few weeks.

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