Theyyyyy're baaaaack!  Nickelback has announced a new single coming out next month, and they've signed on to do their ninth studio album.  So there's that.

Rock in Rio 2013
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Okay, I admit it:  I was a Nickelback fan in the super early 2000s.  They were still a little cutting-edge, they sounded good loud... 'nuff said.

By the time I got some (free) tickets to see them at Fiddler's Green, the Nickelback hate wave had taken off, but being someone who always tries to think for himself, I went anyway.  I suppose the actual show was quality, but two problems, one of which wasn't their fault:  1) WAY too quiet... but that's Fiddler's on a week night, and 2) Chad Kroeger is one of those lead singers who spends as much time yelling, sh**-talking, and dropping F-bombs for no apparent reason, as he does singing, thus elevating the questionability of ballads like "If Everyone Cared" (a song I appreciate.  So sue me.)  I have been to speed metal shows where the singers acted with more dignity than this guy, so this was weird.

I literally felt myself become a little more of a douchebag that night.  Thankfully, that was years ago, and I like to think I've made a full recovery.

Oh - geez - I almost forgot why you came here!  The Houston Press wrote an article outlining 10 bands you should hate instead of Nickelback, and here are a few of our favorites from that article:

(I have to agree with their #2, #7, and probably #10, and definitely #1. You can read their full article by clicking the link below)

1.   Five Finger Death Punch . . . "They sound like a wood chipper plugged into an amp, and are a general embarrassment to metal."

2.  Pitbull . . . "He's always pandering to his audience in the phoniest of ways . . . [and he should] stop reducing people to breasts and underwear, [like when] he raps 'In Lebanon, yeah, the women the bomb.' Seriously?"

3.  Kanye West . . . Basically they say it's because hate is Kanye's fuel, and list some lyrics to back that up.  But if hate is his FUEL . . . maybe we should just ignore him.  I mean, do we want to feed THE KANYE?

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