Further proving that a great song is a great song no matter the genre, the members of the Alabama-based quartet Iron Horse have adapted Pearl Jam's "Better Man" into a bluegrass jam that you need to hear. In fact, they didn't stop there, as they recorded a full album of Pearl Jam covers for CMH Records "Pickin' On" series.

The foursome of mandolin player Tony Robertson, singer-guitarist Vance Henry, banjo player Anthony Richardson and bassist Ricky Rogers take the words and melody of Eddie Vedder and band and turn it into a full-on bluegrass jam that even comes with great backing harmonies.

The song comes with an accompanying video and the track has been released as the first single for the forthcoming Pickin' on Pearl Jam album, which features Pearl Jam staples such as "Yellow Ledbetter," "Alive" and "Given to Fly" translated to bluegrass arrangements. The full track listing for the record can be found below, and if you like what you hear, this bluegrass cover of "Better Man" is currently available here.

Iron Horse, "Better Man" (Pearl Jam Cover From 'Pickin' on Pearl Jam')

As stated, Pickin' on Pearl Jam is part of a series from the CMH Records label, who previously received acclaim for their Pickin' on Nirvana release and saw Fade to Bluegrass: The Bluegrass Tribute to Metallica even chart on the Top Bluegrass Albums Chart.

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Pickin' on Pearl Jam is set for a May 12 release, and you can currently pre-save the album at this location.

Pickin’ on Pearl Jam Track Listing

Better Man
Even Flow
Given to Fly
Spin the Black Circle
Just Breathe
Yellow Ledbetter

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