Rock stars, they're just like us! For instance, who hasn't been out in public with that sinking feeling of needing to find a restroom sooner than later. That was Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea recently, who shared a little TMI about how his trip to Target turned into an urgent search for an available public restroom.

Being self-aware of the source that was providing this anecdote, the Chili Peppers bassist started the post noting "more rock star glamour."

From there, he launched into his story. "Walked to Target to get nail clippers and nose hair trimmer. Employees were right on me asking for selfies and telling me they love me. Two minutes later I get hit with a major urge to take a shit. They tell me bathroom is downstairs, I go there but ten people in line, I’m about to soil my trousers. I go to employees and plead, please can I use employees bathroom they say no employees only."

"I run across the street to some cafe and ask to use bathroom (on the way there a guy waiting outside tells me I’m an asshole for not stopping to take a selfie with him)," the bassist continues. "The cafe lady threatens to call security on me for politely asking for bathroom. I made it by the skin of my teeth to a restaurant a few blocks away."

"Back to hotel to practice trumpet," Flea concludes, ending his harrowing tale.

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As you might expect, the post received plenty of responses from Flea's followers.

Epitaph Records chief and Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz snarkily called out Flea for "such blatant rockstarism." Converge drummer Ben Koller commented, "Shitting your pants while taking a selfie was the move I think." Actor Alessandro Nivola added, "This has happened to me many times too. All except the Target employees saying they love me."

Meanwhile, some other fans chose to use the band's lyrics to make light of the situation. "Choose not a life of constipation," stated one person, nodding to "Can't Stop." Another referencing a line from the same song with a slight change added, "This life is more than just a follow through." Another went the "Under the Bridge" route with "I don't ever wanna feel, like I did that day," and another finished the line with an adjustment, "Take me to a place to shit, take me all the way."

Hopefully for Flea, the facilities will be close and unoccupied when they resume their touring later this week. The band has a Friday show (April 14) in Syracuse, then a month break before starting up the next leg of their North American tour May 12 in San Diego. Get your tickets to see the band here.

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