The Colorado Museum of Prisons lets you walk the halls of a 1930s women's penitentiary...if you dare.

Although it is adjacent to the active prison in Canon City, which opened in 1871, the museum property obviously doesn't have actual inmates anymore — or, I should say, it doesn't have any living inmates anymore. Reportedly, there are some after-life sentences being served here.

According to Westword, visitors often feel cold spots and the facility's laundry room has a 'phantom tobacco smell.'

'Cell 19 is said to be haunted by a female prisoner who passed away there. Photographs have shown ghost orbs and the sound of coughing has come from the empty cell.' (Read more from Westword here.)

Aside from the paranormal, it's also a great educational experience (bet you didn't know Colorado was one of the first to use a legal gas chamber).

You can visit Wednesdays through Sundays, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m... at your own risk.

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