Well, unless you drive into the mountains...way up into the mountains. It's been a record-breaking year for pretty much all of the Front Range in terms of dryness and heat this fall and as we wind down December and head into Christmas, things aren't really expected to change.

According to Weather.com, we're going to be cold overnight during the weekend with temperatures in the single digits, but no snow is in sight. That dry trend looks to continue through all of the next week as well leading up and through Christmas with an early Christmas forecast of sunshine with temps in the mid to upper 50s.

It's so crazy to me that, outside of waking up to a little dusting of snow a few weeks ago, we have yet to have any kind of measurable snowfall this season with the first day of winter approaching. With that being said, it's also not
that no snow for Christmas.

Sure, we've had some pretty crazy windstorms blow through the area, but no snow. Thankfully, the snowpack is starting to get up there in the mountains but even the higher elevations are not even close to the kind of snowpack that has normally gathered this time of year.

So, as for our white Christmas this year, you can keep dreaming and/or keep driving up into the mountains because, unless there are some drastic changes or dare I say a "Christmas Miracle", we won't be having a white Christmas this year. But don't worry, that's certainly not going to stop Santa from making his NoCo rounds.


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