If you go to Yellowstone National Park, it's not common to see wolves. One visitor recently was the exception as he was not only greeted by a wolf near the gate, but also got howled at.

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Brett Johnson shared this short, but sweet video as a lone wolf ran alongside his vehicle on opening day at Yellowstone National Park. Make sure your sound is turned up as this big guy gives him a brief howl.

A lone wolf like this likely isn't really alone as the pack is almost certainly nearby. If you see one wolf near the road, there are likely a dozen in a nearby tree line.

My family has been to Yellowstone multiple times, but we've never seen these interesting predators. We've heard them, but they've never ventured anywhere near where we've been in the park.

Yellowstone Guidelines recommends hanging out in Lamar Valley if you would like to potentially see wolf pack activity. As with all wildlife that qualifies as a predator and/or dangerous, staying 100 yards away is vital for your survival and theirs.

Not many see a wolf as up-close as Brett did. Glad he captured video for the rest of us to experience.

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