Disney tried to teach us at a young age at the "circle of life" with nature is often times hard to see, but witnessing it firsthand in the wild is still shocking.

A Facebook page called Whiskey Riff recently posted a short video in their Riffs Outdoors playlist, which shows a pack of wolves chasing down an elk in Yellowstone National Park.

During the beginning of the footage, you see the elk trip and slide as it runs across the road, while being chased by five wolves. The driver of the vehicle (who is also shooting the video), backs up and then a couple of seconds later a straggler wolf runs by.

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While there are many of videos and even television channels (and shows) out there that depict the hunting practices of wildlife, it still has to be a tad jarring to see it unfold before your very eyes live, especially on a dark road in the middle of the night.

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