X-Rated — Brand spankin' new music (and some other stuff we can't say on the air)... like putting things in your 'bum.' Here we go. 

Meet Jungle. They're a seven-piece band from across the pond (that's why they say 'mum'), founded by childhood friends Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson, the latter of whom we got X-Rated with, but we'll get to that in a minute.

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Jungle just released their sophomore album For Ever, featuring the track, 'Happy Man.' We're sure you've heard it on 94.3 The X, but you can also take a listen below and rate the song. (Tell us how you really feel!)

Jungle will also be in Fort Collins headlining at the Aggie Theatre on Saturday, September 29. Now, the juicy stuff — mums and bums.

Josh from Jungle Gets X-Rated

X-Rate It: Jungle 'Happy Man'

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