We can’t send you to concerts right now, which is kind of our thing, buuut we can (kind of) bring them to you, so stay put. Starting Monday, May 25, tune in every week day at 6 p.m. with me (Shelby), for a six-song set from your favorite artists, and your chance to win some of their merch.

Courtesy of Warner Records
Courtesy of Warner Records

From Twenty One Pilots to Green Day to The Head and the Heart, Kaleo and White Reaper (to name a just few)… During the set, listen for your cue to message the app, and you’ll have your chance to score that artist’s merch. This could include an autographed guitar, vinyl bundle, tees, hoodies or even a new bandanna to cover up with.

Courtesy of Warner Records, Photo: mishooo, ThinkStock
Courtesy of Warner Records, Photo: ThinkStock

So, it’s kind of like going to the actual show, or the closest we’re going to get right now. Put on some sweats and put on THE X, for the most relaxed 'concert' experience you’ve ever had… You’ll feel right at home.

Courtesy of Elektra Promotion
Courtesy of Elektra Promotion

Listen on your smart speaker or your mobile device with the 94-3 THE X mobile app. Every day, we'll send an app alert revealing what swag we'll have your chance to win during the 6 p.m. set.

Monday, May 25 - Twenty One Pilots

Tuesday, May 26 - Green Day

Wednesday, May 27 - The Head and the Heart

Thursday, May 28 - Twenty One Pilots

Friday, May 29 - Green Day


Monday, June 1 - White Reaper

Tuesday, June 2 - - - -

Wednesday, June 3 - Twenty One Pilots

Thursday, June 4 - The Head and the Heart

Friday, June 5 - Kaleo

Brought to you by 94.3 THE X in partnership with Warner Music Group and Elektra Music Group. 

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