A new app from CDOT and RTD could help you save some gas and money on transportation, but at what cost?

According to KDVR in Denver, the Casual Carpool app helps to match drivers and riders between Denver and Boulder. Here's how it works.

[Casual Carpool]  allows people who would normally drive alone to cruise past traffic in the US 36 Express Lanes for free by connecting them with two riders headed in the same direction using the Waze Carpool! - Casual Carpool 

The perks: 'Drivers will be 'reimbursed for gas and mileage and, of course, you'll get to use those US 36 express lanes if you're able to find a couple of people to carpool with.' [KDVR]

The non-perks: Commuting in your car with strangers? Eh, maybe not for everyone. And if it's anything like Tinder, I'm going to say, not for me.

So far, Casual Carpool is only offered on US-36 in the North Metro area in order to cut down on traffic. If something like this was offered in Northern Colorado, i.e. US-34 or between Fort Collins and Loveland, would you give it a try? Read more from KDVR here.

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