We have a LOT to be thankful for here in Northern Colorado: the natural beauty that is all around us, and the overall quality of life in general are two things that should never be taken for granted, BUT...something that can be quite a headache is driving around here, thanks to transplants like me who keep moving here...sorry about that!

I was warned by friends and some family that have lived in the region for most of their lives about the traffic situations and the amount of construction and building that is going on, and while that is part of the growing process like it or not, it still can be a very frustrating process.

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I've experienced some less than stellar drives over my first year of being here but I STILL say that we have it much better here in terms of traffic as opposed to some other places. For example, take where my family and I moved from as an example: Seattle. The traffic there is next level awful, so while I'm not too overly annoyed with the traffic here, there are times when it simply is ridiculous, especially in certain areas.

Me along with my partner in crime on the morning show decided that it would be fun to open it up to YOU on Facebook to tell us what road/intersection gives you the biggest headaches and the most road rage.

My initial spot was pretty much anywhere on Harmony from the HWY 257 intersection into Fort Collins (especially approaching I-25 in either direction) but after driving this weekend, I wanted to add one more spot, and that's Jefferson Street in Fort Collins at the light heading onto HWY 287. This is especially annoying when you need to make that quick left on to Cherry and get over through a few lanes of traffic to make it to the turning lane.

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Google Maps

Here are some other trouble traffic spots in and around NoCo that cause the most road rage...according to you.

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