When you're passing through an airport, and you find it necessary to bring your dog, there are a few ways you could prepare for the inevitable, including 1) carrying it in a crate, 2) doing your best to get outside at reasonable increments to give the pooch ample opportunity to relieve itself, or 3) just let it crap all over the floor, but at least clean it up - quickly and perhaps apologetically.

This person chose none of those options, but instead just let her dog deliver a kit for building a log cabin, without taking her attention away from her phone call, and proceeded to walk away as if nothing had happened.  But, before it was over, she let the guy making this video know how she felt about anybody who might've been concerned about this.

I don't know exactly how a human gets like this.  All I know is it makes me feel a lot better about who I am.

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