The latest information regarding the upcoming storm on Wednesday into Thursday (February 22, 23, 2023,) is that it will not only bring snow and plummeting temperatures but what they are calling a "Flash Freeze."  If you don't have to drive Wednesday morning, you should avoid it.

If you've lived in Colorado for at least of a few summers, you've probably heard the term, "Flash Flood." This winter storm rolling into the area will be bringing us a "Flash Freeze," a term that we do not hear all that often.


It's bad enough that we'll be going from two nice days with highs in the 50s to a Winter Storm Warning, along with a Wind Chill Advisory; now this "Flash Freeze" on top, sounds terrible. I would expect Fort Collins and many of the cities around, to go on "Accident Alert" with the morning drive on Wednesday.

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Fort Collins
Be careful and stay warm.

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