Some things are meant to go together. Peanut butter and jelly. Peas and carrots. Mountains and sunsets. Toilets and holiday decorations. Especially in the front yard.

The HOA for the Raindance neighborhood in Windsor would beg to differ on at least one of those.

Windsor resident Sean McGarry fell victim to a prank from one of his neighbors back in October. They left a toilet in his yard as a joke. Ever one to embrace a good joke - as any good neighbor should - Sean took it to another level.

Rather than getting rid of the toilet, he decided to decorate it instead by placing a golden skeleton on the throne and leaving it through Halloween. As you can imagine, it was a hit with the neighbors.

He had such an overwhelming positive response, he decided to keep the outdoor commode joke going. Turkeys for Thanksgiving. Turning it into a sleigh for Santa and his reindeer at Christmas. Now it's a Charlie Brown looking kissing booth for Valentine's Day. Perhaps an Easter Bunny - or a flushing easter basket? - for Easter? The opportunities are endless.

But toilet time may be over sooner than he and at least some of his neighbors hope. On February 7th, he heard from the notoriously hilarious and fun-loving Homeowners Association - sarcasm intended. Alas, the fun may be coming to an end, but not as long as Sean can help it.

Apparently not all of his neighbors love the unique yard decoration and have asked the HOA to step in, saying it's in violation of neighborhood codes. The funny part is that has nothing to do with simply being a toilet, by the way. It's a technicality that doesn't allow things like statues or birdbaths in neighborhood yards. But toilets? Not exclusively banned. Yet, anyway.

So Sean is fighting the HOA over the ordeal and has even set up a GoFundMe - somewhat tongue in cheek - to help with paying the fines. Simply put, if you want to help prevent the HOA from flushing this new neighborhood tradition, you can check it out and consider donating.

Otherwise, where will Santa sit this Christmas?

You can check the full story and get some video too, from Fox 31 in Denver.

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