The Town of Windsor recently had a study conducted about the parking needs of the town. The study found that things aren't all that bad right now, but that won't last.

Over 50 people attending a hearing on the meeting on March 31, 2022 at the Windsor-Severance Fire Department, to listen to what the study found. There were drinks and snacks, perhaps trying to soften up the public about Windsor Colorado's downtown parking situation.

With our radio stations being in Windsor, I thought I should go to the meeting and see what I could find out. I know there's been talk about a parking garage for the town, and I was curious to see what the latest study said about that.

One thing that stood out is how Windsor's parking code is considerably different from the national average when it comes to restaurants. The national average says that for every 1,000 square feet of operation for a restaurant, you need 10 parking spaces; Windsor's code requires only two spaces. That's quite a difference.

The study also revealed that with the new Future Legends Sports Complex, and new subdivisions to the east of town, the need for additional parking spaces is definitely gong to increase.

Some Numbers to Look At If Things Were to Remain Constant:

  • In two years, the town will still have about 300 more spaces than will be 'demanded.'
  • In five year, the town will at-capacity when it comes to supply and demand for parking spaces.
  • Ten years out, the town will be 300 parking spaces short.

The study suggested less expensive to more pricey options for the town.

Less Expensive:

  • Instead of parallel parking on side streets, make then angled parking- which could add 125 spaces.
  • Installation of a new surface parking lot in town, which could add 150 spaces.
  • More bike parking.
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Somewhat More Expensive

  • Spending money to improve 'shared lots,' such as banks and other business that are closed on weekend, could add 200 spaces.
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More Costly Option

  • Satellite parking (at the high school for example) with shuttles bringing folks to Boardwalk Park or Downtown.
  • A parking garage.

A three-level parking garage in Windsor could provide 375 parking spaces, which would help immensely, but would cost more than a few dollars.

Where Would Windsor's Parking Garage be Located?

There are two answers to that. The firm that conducted the study determined that the best place would be directly behind Town Hall which is at 3rd Street and Walnut Street, where currently there is a basketball court.

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The firm was not able to use the Town's own committee's suggestion which is 'the backlots,' north of Main Street and east of 5th Street, because technically, that area is under development as something else. That project has stalled, however.

Metered parking in Downtown was also a suggestion, though the enforcement of which would be very gradual.

So, a parking garage may happen within ten years, and it will probably be either behind Town Hall or in the Backlots.

The Town of Windsor has a lot to consider in the coming years.

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