Tensions have been growing between downtown residents and the City's transient population, and now Fort Collins Rescue Mission is exploring the idea of moving out of Old Town.

If the situation is right for them, that is.

In a Fort Collins City Council work session on Tuesday, the mission's director Tom Konstanty said that a "win-win" moving situation would be worth looking into, the Coloradoan reports. If they can continue to help the homeless population through the move without any gaps, they would be open to the idea.

Though he discussed this possibility with City staff, Konstanty says the mission has no formal plans to move.

Factors that might slow or prevent the move from happening include high moving costs and an aggressive real estate market, the Coloradoan notes.

The mission sits at 316 Jefferson Street - its building and land worth $651,386, according to Larimer County senior appraiser. This would be a prime location for, say, a new restaurant. But with the aforementioned factors alongside the opportunity to help people in need, it's easy to see why a move could take some time to happen - if at all.